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The Taxsutra Database comes at a very special Annual Subscription price of 4200 + GST

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About Taxsutra Database!

Access to a strong repository of Tax Rulings is a key requirement of tax professionals like yourselves.  Taxsutra Database is a brand new addition to the Taxsutra bouquet of services. Largely known for its world class real time news and updates service, Taxsutra brings to you a comprehensive, easy to use Database service which offers the following features:
  • Over 106400+ Income Tax Rulings reported across ITR, CTR, Taxman, DTR, ITD, TTJ, and ITR(Trib) and which also includes recent unreported handpicked ruling with VECS summary
  • Completely integrated service with all the latest cases powered by an advanced search engine to provide a seamless user experience 
  • Search results supported by active filters around Court Level, Location, Case Numbers and Citation
  • A Unique Bulls Eye application to further enhance search by including "Exact words", "Any of these", "none of these"
For subscriptions, please email us or call Kalpana J on +91 98200 47188

OR Sales on: +91 95952 18026